Romani Folktales

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A beautifully illustrated series of Romani folktales from Magoria Books.
Hedina Sijerčić, internationally published Romani Poet and Author, brings us
the stories from her childhood with the vivid watercolour painted illustrations
of Doris Greven. These special bilingual edition contains both the English version
and the Romani originals of each story.

We hope you will enjoy the stories and pictures made available below.
Magoria Books encourages schools, community centres, and other
organizations serving children to inquire about
special discounts on bulk orders.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Easy Puzzles:

Puzzle #1, Puzzle #2, Puzzle #3

Medium Puzzles:

Puzzle #4, Puzzle #5, Puzzle #6

Hard Puzzles:

Puzzle #7, Puzzle #8, Puzzle #9